Getting Great Styles for Overweight Women

I cannot imagine being overweight in my mom’s teenage years. From the stories she has told me, people were shamed who were not within societal norms. I don’t like being overweight, but no diets have ever worked for me. I finally decided to embrace it, which meant that I had to learn some shopping hacks for womens clothing. Today’s times are different than my mom’s because it seems people are more accepting of a person’s appearance, but I did not care for a lot of the fashion that is aimed at people of my size.

That is why I wanted to find some fashion hacks, so I could find a nice store that has amazing fashion. I found that with Foring, and I have been shopping from them for a few months now. I like that they step out from the norm and actually sell clothing for bigger girls that rival the clothing that our slimmer counterparts are able to wear. (more…)

The Girls Think They Are Rich

Of course they both sort of hate that their birthdays are only a few days apart. Emily was born a year and five days before her sister Jeanie and they obviously do not want to share a party, even if it is a really big party. This year both of them ended up with a lot of cash and the two of them are dying to spend it. They have a different idea to blow it every time that I see them, today they are looking at some womens rhinestone choker necklaces, Of course the same place has all sorts of chokers, but the rhinestone ones are the only type that make any sense at all. (more…)