The Girls Think They Are Rich

Of course they both sort of hate that their birthdays are only a few days apart. Emily was born a year and five days before her sister Jeanie and they obviously do not want to share a party, even if it is a really big party. This year both of them ended up with a lot of cash and the two of them are dying to spend it. They have a different idea to blow it every time that I see them, today they are looking at some womens rhinestone choker necklaces, Of course the same place has all sorts of chokers, but the rhinestone ones are the only type that make any sense at all. It is pretty obvious that we would not be that keen on a pearl choker or a diamond necklace. It is going to be really too much for her as this is. Neither of us is of the mind to think that girls this age need to be wearing jewelry of any real sort.

That is not an argument that the girls are willing to let slide by them. They have decided that they are old enough to make their own choices and it is a thing they seem willing to fight us over it. It is a rather strange thing, because you wonder if a rhinestone choker is really worth going to the mattresses over. It is sort of silly, but then their mother is not keen on having her babies grow up any faster than they will. Once the girls start dressing like women and wearing jewelry like women, then they are not your babies any longer. It is not the part that I am dreading, especially if the two of them keep looking as pretty as it seems that they shall.